you two suck at peddling meth


Favorite Foods + Garlic Bread

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  "What kind of music do you like?"

ummm my fave artists are arctic monkeys, muse, kasabian, bastille, haim, placebo, radiohead, taylor swift, lana del rey, marina etc etc but i literally listen to everything and anything that sounds good!!

What do you do for fun when you’re on a break? (x)

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you’ve been hit by

you’ve been struck by


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I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

Alexander the Great (via sebastianstqn)
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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

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